Elite version Scouting

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Elite version Scouting

Сообщение DusanesM » 14 июн 2015, 12:17

Hello. I have some problem with while using scouts before farming feeders. Most of the time everything works perfectly, but sometimes, without a reason bot will stop using scouts or army to farm villages. There are no looses, pause, nothing. Farm is efficient but some will farms will just stop itself, I have farms in my list that was not attacked for over whole day now for no reason. I have everything set up, scouting, army counts etc..I dont know why. Farming without scouts works perfectly tho. I think i will have to scout manually before adding to farms...

Anyone have similiar problem ?
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Re: Elite version Scouting

Сообщение Vlad » 08 июл 2015, 09:57

Maybe, you don't have enough troops?

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