One license = 1 account?!

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One license = 1 account?!

Сообщение Dr.Said » 10 янв 2016, 16:10


I just bought a 6month subscription, but when I fill in License ID it asks me to fill in Server & Login also, will this license only work for that account or can I change my account when ever I want?

So if you buy a 12 month subscription and want to play on a speed server, you can't use the last months of bot on another account?
If you get a bad start on a server, you can't undo your registration on that account and change to a new account?

I must be thinking wrong, or does it really work like that?

Here it says "One license allows you to manage only one account Travian. "

But what I read when I bough the bot was "You can change the Travian account that is registered in the Travian Bot.

For example, if you want stop playing on the Travian Account, the bot was registered for, you can easily switch to another account."
That can be found here:

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Re: One license = 1 account?!

Сообщение Vlad » 12 янв 2016, 10:32

You can change account any time, but you can not use bot on more then one account in the same time

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