For better results

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For better results

Сообщение cr4sh » 16 янв 2016, 17:49

Hi Vlad, i'm using bot with an elite license and all seem work fine.

The results of raids aren't satisfactory; this week i've robber about 300000 resources (probably by hand i can make it better), the 10th in the top 1500000.

Have you got some suggests to have better results?

Thanks in advance
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Re: For better results

Сообщение Dr.Said » 17 янв 2016, 03:38

You'll still have to add all necessary farms.
You can't just think that the bot will do all the work, if you want to be in the top, specially in big servers you will have to do alot of work manually, and use gold.
Don't even dream about being in top 10 farmers if you don't use gold, the bot will not compensate 100% and destroy everyone, you will still need to be serious, add farms, do your math about building your buildings in correct orders, and when to focus on troops instead of fields etc...

Take prints on your settings and your farmlist and I'll try and help you as best as I can.
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Re: For better results

Сообщение cr4sh » 17 янв 2016, 12:51

I never say that don't use gold...

This is my default setting for farming

Schermata del 2016-01-17 11-32-41.png
Schermata del 2016-01-17 11-32-41.png (28.55 КБ) 1230 просмотров

I'm using different settings for different farms (for distance, population, defences as earth walls) impossible to post all; also the farm list is too big to post (i check every 24 hours my 20x20)

I play travian from many years, i hope to have learn what and how build to grow up a village.

The last thing: i don't undestand who are you.

Kind regards
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Re: For better results

Сообщение Vlad » 20 янв 2016, 12:36

If you want increase your robber, you need increase farms number and, possible you need more troops
I do not know what else to say :)

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