New user, good experience!

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New user, good experience!

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I'm making this post because I feel like this bot deserves it.
Russian coding never stops to amuse me.

I recommend to read the guide and posts.

The bot is flawless.. meaning 0 errors. The first time you run it, you will be confused: the top panel is for settings of what you do, but once you start off from something simple.. like -send troops- you realize it is working, then you can go to the upper panel and setup it.
The bot goes as far as alarming you when attacks are incoming, smart resource boosting to certain villages of your choosing and so on.
I have ran the bot for 2 weeks soon, 0 warnings or bans.. even without proxies (alternate connections)
What I love is I can be at one place and control the bot with remote control without teamviewer.

If you know travian and spend 30minutes learning the functions of the bot, you save more than 20 hours a week.

Greetings from Finland, love your work and good luck for your career. :x
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Re: New user, good experience!

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Thanks! :)
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