bot don't use gold club farm list

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Re: bot don't use gold club farm list

Сообщение jazard » 08 авг 2018, 17:10

correct !

everything is gonna good now ! i made lower timing for my farlist because i get 6 of them.
Also i success to import and export list from gold club ! this is really interesting !

by the way i have still another question, but it concern the use of NPC on marketplace.

i tryed to make this auto with bot but it still not working.

i create an order on the right village, with transformation : "crop to ressources", i entered the ratio 1/1/1/0
i tick "using npc cost 3 gold", i also have gold on my account.
i try to put a maximum, a minimum, and changed the ratio with true value like : 250000/250000/250000/0

when i force using npc with the button : npc now, the bot goes on the right village, he goes on the marketplace and click on npc trading. then the bot put the right values (for ex: 250k/250k/250k/0 and then the bot can't click on "DONE". So npc don't occured.

also, i got a bug since some days, from the travian update. when i'm trying to go npc on myself,by hand with the bot screen, this is sometimes impossible and writing me : " transformation impossible, you haven't the nessessary ressources " but i have it ofc !

thanks for helping me again man. you are the best ! :ymhug:
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Re: bot don't use gold club farm list

Сообщение Vlad » 09 авг 2018, 10:54


Vlad писал(а):I checked all code around NPC
Here is no problem
Bot finds exchange button and clicks it
Problem somewhere in combination of Internet Explorer version and game version
Problem can be fixed only by Microsoft or Travian games
I can't help...

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