Blank screen on bot restart

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Blank screen on bot restart

Сообщение orthofunk » 21 фев 2019, 05:18

I have been using this bot for a long time, but there is a recurring problem that is limiting it's usefulness. I have brought it to the attention of Vlad on many occasions, but he cannot reproduce it. The problem happens over multiple installs on many different PCs. It also happens to my dual.

When the bot restarts due to the "out of memory" error, sometimes Travian does not load correctly. Immediately after the lobby loading screen reaches 100%, the window in the bot becomes blank (see screenshot below). This also happens during bot startup. It is necessary to push the refresh button to attempt to reload Travian. However, if you are sleeping, then it just sits on this screen and the bot doesn't function until you are able to refresh it. This happens about 50% of the time after a "out of memory" restart. There are no errors in the bot log.
On Vlad's suggestion, I have tried changing the options on "Version of Internet Explorer used", but the problem persists for all of them.

Has anyone else experienced this? Have you found a way to avoid it?

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