creating waves and autoplan bug

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creating waves and autoplan bug

Postby pupone » 29 Apr 2019, 00:52

Hello, i have two problems sending waves:

1 when creating a wave file, designating targets for catapults, i can not find the Hun special building, the Command Center.
2 when adding a row in the Plan of Attack menu, if i have a x2 artifact and set the time the attack would arrive, the sistem swows the correct starting time, but when I click on OK it proceed to launch in a starting time as if I dont have the x2 velox artifact.
image 2.png
problem 2
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problem 1
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Re: creating waves and autoplan bug

Postby Vlad » 07 May 2019, 16:18

1 Will be fixed
2 Can you show with teamviewer? I can't reproduce problem

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