Some features suggestions

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Some features suggestions

Postby botterN1 » 18 Feb 2020, 19:08

I would really appreciate to see some new features added to this bot in the next future, here are some suggestions:

1) "Hero resources Auto-Swap"
This feature should simply, when enabled, auto swap the hero resources production to better fill the warehouses, e.g. if you are low at clay, it should change the hero production to clay. If you will also able to make an option to enable/disable swap on single resources, it would be awesome.

2) "Automatic instant build"
As you know in Travian Kingdoms you can complete the construction for free if the building time left is below 5 minutes, so why not to add an option to automatically end building constructions when the left time is less than 5 minutes?, this would really improve the bot efficiency in building.

I really hope this suggestions will help you making this bot even greater, obviously i'm open to further suggestions and discussions.

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