Unable to see map

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Unable to see map

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I'm using elite bot in a t4 server... And when i open the map, it doesn't load, it stays white.
Can you assist? Thanks


Edit: I'm also unable to open the daily missions menu :( Even when it automatically checks for the daily mission completion, it doesn't open so the reward is not picked. In the log it says: 15/08/2021 19:18:08: Rewards list is not found... (but it just clicks it but doesn't open)
Also can't open the farm lists from gold club manually.
I'm also unable to see hero's items.
I'd appreciate the help asap, since the server is on an early stage and it is key for oasis farming and growing fast early on

I've also realized that reports aren't being read/deleted or anything is happening related to reporting at all (even though it is configured, the bot hovers over the report pages, but doesn't delete, change anything in the farm information details...)
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Re: Unable to see map

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