List of bugs and settings not working for T5

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List of bugs and settings not working for T5

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1. Elite bot version is useless! The scout before attack does not work in T5 version!

Scout before attack doesn't work in T5 kingdoms. Bot types the correct amount of scouts but then tries to press raid option which is grayed out, since in kingdoms you have to press the scout action for scouting. It also returns the following error

29. 03. 2023 18:19:49: The exception occurred!
29. 03. 2023 18:19:49: Exception in thread: 0001133C [TGameTastExcutor] "GameTaskExecutor"
29. 03. 2023 18:19:49: Type: Exception App version:
29. 03. 2023 18:19:49: Message: Timeout while waiting for JavaScript result!
29. 03. 2023 18:19:49:
29. 03. 2023 18:19:49: JS - var RetStr = "";var elements = $("div").filter(function () { if (this.className instanceof SVGAnimatedString) { ClassStr = this.className.baseVal; } else { ClassStr = this.className; } ClassStr = ClassStr.replaceAll(" ","").toLowerCase();
29. 03. 2023 18:19:49: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Call Stack ------------------------------------------------------------------------
29. 03. 2023 18:19:49: > [00743173] uCEFChromiumDOM.TChromiumDOM.ExecuteJSWithResult (Line 705, "uCEFChromiumDOM.pas" + 104) + $1F
29. 03. 2023 18:19:49: > [00733D4E] uCEFIHTMLDocument2.IHTMLDocumentObj.GetElementsByTagAndClass (Line 458, "uCEFIHTMLDocument2.pas" + 23) + $2B
29. 03. 2023 18:19:49: > [00CB3BDB] uGameTastExecutor.TGameTastExcutor.ExistElementByTagAndClassInternal (Line 2603, "uGameTastExecutor.pas" + 3) + $F
29. 03. 2023 18:19:49: > [00CB318E] uGameTastExecutor.TGameTastExcutor.Execute (Line 2466, "uGameTastExecutor.pas" + 229) + $1F
29. 03. 2023 18:19:49: > [004CF751] System.Classes.ThreadProc + $49
29. 03. 2023 18:19:49: > [0040AC74] System.ThreadWrapper + $28
29. 03. 2023 18:19:49: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2. Upgrading building/resources

Bot very often, like 70% of times, double click the building its supposed to upgrade. For example, if it should upgrade a resource field it sometimes upgrades it twice. Sometimes the bot all together upgrades wrong buildings. For example, I queued academy to be upgraded to to level 5, then the stable to be built from 0->3 and after that, residence should be upgraded, meanwhile bot upgraded academy to 7 and warehouse twice and on top of that said that it finished upgrading stable when it didn’t even build it. Sometimes bot randomly upgrades rally point for no reason even when building tab for the village is set to inaction.

3. Recognition of attacks

When bot successfully detects an attack it then goes on to collect information on the attacker, however it doesn't not correctly collect the information. Bot checking hero level, players off and def rating doesn’t work (it just click hero tab, attacker tab, defender tab, but doesn’t write the attacking players name in the search bar and therefore does not check his ratings, because of that it just defaults to 0). Also, hero item comparisons do not work.
No hero comparison
No hero comparison
bot_info_1.png (6.03 KiB) Viewed 8951 times

4. Inefficiency of automatic resource forwarding

When bot automatically sends resources to another village it doesn't not use the merchants efficiently. For example, if carrying capacity for teutons is 1000, the bot a lot of the times send 1100 or 1200 resources and wasted 1 whole merchants for a mere few hundred resources. There should be an option to disable this and just send the resources as full merchants and bot should be able to calculate himself how to divide the needed resources for 1 merchant carrying capacity as efficiently as possible. Having merchants traveling nonstop at only full capacity would save up A LOT of marketplace upgrading.

5. Seriously?

Bot just randomly unlocked all building slots and wasted 225 gold... What the hell dude.

Overall, I’m very disappointed with the bot as many features are not working efficiently (which travian it all bout) or not working at all! Currently I'd rate the bot at 6/10
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