About Sending Resources

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About Sending Resources

Сообщение tiranossaur » 17 фев 2018, 04:55

This function of the bot is a bit confuse to me, so I come looking for some help.

Village1: CROP = -5000
Village2: Support the village1

So my question is, how make the village2 to send CROP, when granary of Village1 is under than 20%? (Village2 Fill granary of village1 when granary of village1 is under than 20%?)

Because I didnot see the bot using %, i saw only value of the resource, and i want to use it as % because is much more effective.

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Re: About Sending Resources

Сообщение Vlad » 28 фев 2018, 11:45

Set this
Transporting type - maintain the level of resources
Desired level of resources - maintain the percentage of filing

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