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Сообщение Grady » 22 июн 2018, 09:29

I tried the demo version b4 I wanted to buy the bot but I doubt I will since it has so much bugs that half the options are not working.

1. Hero
Bot doesn't know how to send hero on adventure. In event tab it only says "sending hero on adventure" and it never does. Also idk why there's a option for normal and hard adventures on kingdom version of bot.

2. Auto withdrawal of troops.
Bot sends units away fine, but doesn't cancel the action. Even tab: "Link to cancel auto-withdrawal troops not found!"

3. Farming
While using scout before attack option, bot scouts but rarely follows up with an attack (this might be a problem for the options i set but i'm almost sure it isnt)

4. Detecting attacks
It starts to play the music fine, how ever it doesn't send a mail. Event tab: "Error sening mail: SMTP ERROR: Login:???-Other undefined Status"

5. Logging in
After logging in the bot stays afk in the lobby place since it doesn't know on which server to click to continue playing, so I have to manually do it and then it works fine, problem is if bot takes a break he logs out and wont know how to get back in again.

The most important things for why you want the bot is Auto withdrawal of troops, Farming, Detecting attacks and building and alot of those dont work...
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Re: Bugs

Сообщение Vlad » 17 июл 2018, 13:23

1 Is sending of hero enabled in bots menu?
What in log?

2 Lots of squads go to farm? Human also haven't chances to find cancel button :)

3 Yes, scouting option is desined exactly for this: send scout, if no defense and bounty present, send farm

4 Invalid mailbox setting, wrong encryption method selected

5 Invalid server was entered when install

This is not a bugs, just wrong configuration

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