Auto Building PROBLEM!

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Auto Building PROBLEM!

Сообщение carmellolo » 25 окт 2018, 20:26

Auto building doesn't work!! Yes it auto build after i click the "Build" but if I lack on resources then it stays there and doesn't do anything even if I get enough resources to be able build another building or resource field.

Auto building also doesn't work on queues, I have 2 building queue in game using the bot queue but when it finishes the 2 buildings, it never starts anything on bot queue list even if I have enough resources or not!

I play on tk com3
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Re: Auto Building PROBLEM!

Сообщение Travianpat » 27 окт 2018, 12:19

Check "Settings" and "Build buildings every" i have it on 15 - 5 minutes.
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Re: Auto Building PROBLEM!

Сообщение Vlad » 30 окт 2018, 16:34

Go to event tab, here time of next try to build
The length of pause in building when not enough of resources, can be set in Interval settings

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