huns auto train-troops

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huns auto train-troops

Сообщение mihai » 12 июл 2019, 16:36

if you run travibot with huns and egyptians you will find that there are a lot of bugs!!

For example i want to set auto Q for troops with my Steppe but i cant! If try to set 'steppe' in the auto- troops, i cant type the number of the troops i want to train, since the steppe are the number ''4'' and this input is locked if i select ''Stable'' on the autotroops windows of travibot (elite version)

Picture ->

How to solve this problem? (and dont tell me to build another troop since i need steppe -.-)
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Re: huns auto train-troops

Сообщение Travianpat » 17 июл 2019, 18:52

Account tab where you put your name and password, did you select race 'Huns' ?
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Re: huns auto train-troops

Сообщение Vlad » 30 июл 2019, 13:41

Yes, select proper race on the profile tab

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