Construction and improvement of buildings and resource fields

With Travian bot you can configure queue of construction buildings and fields

When you add the house in queue:

  • bot will analyze whether all conditions for construction are made
  • if not – prompted to select the location for the missing buildings, insert them in construction queue and will build them
  • build the needed building

Construction will proceed without interruption. After ordering construction bot will check the amount of resources required for the following construction and, if necessary, to transport the resources of the donor-villages or exchange on the market or NPC.

It is possible to complete the selected buildings or buildings, time of construction which more than a certain value, for gold.


For the development of resource villages has Automatically build mode – built fields, warehouses and granaries.

Bot chooses the next building, depending on the production and availability of resources.
Travian Bot understand Roman double build – parallelizes queue.

Additional features of construction:

  • check the capacity of warehouses and granaries for current construction and develop them with insufficient capacity
  • with a shortage of grain production for current construction automatically raise the level of wheat fields
  • with a shortage of resources to transport them from the donor-villages with the logistics: first transports from nearby villages
  • automatically to demolish buildings