Travian Bot

Travian bot now supports T5 Kingdoms!

Travian Bot T5

What are the advantages of the Travian Bot?

Travian Bot automatically performs the following functions with flexible settings:

Travian Bot
Buy full version!

Travian Bot full version
only for $3

Travian Bot
Get free demo!

Free demo
(testing time is limited)

How to test Travian Bot?

Step 1. We recommend to purchase the full version of the bot for 1 month for only $3 (You can also use free trial version, but the test is limited to 5 hours).

Step 2. You can create a new account on any Travian server to test if the Bot is undetectable. So you can make sure that you won’t get banned.

Step 3. Configure the bot as you like, try out every feature.

Step 4. Let the bot do your work for a while. You will notice that your test account will grow really fast in a few days. You only have to do the strategy, he will do the rest!

Step 5. Just transfer the bot to any other account using our licence system. You can use our bot on your favorite account without any further action.


Travian Bot – increases your possibilities in Travian!

Buy Travian Bot
Travian is a browsergame, in which thousands of players compete in a big world.
Travian Bot – helps you to dominate in this world!