Order troops

Bot allows you to create an unlimited number of jobs to order troops

Each task allows you to order one or more types of troops in the specified training building (barracks, stables, workshop or residence/palace) of given village.

Enabling automatic order troops

  1. Check in main menu “Ordering troops” -> “Automatically order troops
  2. On “Ordering troops” tab press “Add” to create new task
  3. In the appeared window select settings you want to order troops and click “OK”
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3, if there is a need to create more new tasks to order troops


Order troops settings:

  • Order automatically – turn on/off automatic execution of the order
  • Order in village – selection of the village, which will be ordered troops
  • Troops – quantity or build time in minutes for each type of troops
  • Specified number is sets – choice was specified the number of troops or training time