Withdrawal of troops

The withdrawal allows for a few seconds before the attack on your village:

  • withdraw troops from the village is not designed to defend (off)
  • spend resources by ordering troops
  • send resources by using merchants


To withdrawal work correctly should be:

  • If the time zone on the game server and PC do not match, then specify the difference in time zones in the main menu Settings -> Time on PC is….
  • Time on PC must be synchronized with server time (taking into account specified in the preceding paragraph, the difference in time zones). To synchronization use Settings -> Time synchronization with the server
  • Attacks detection must be enabled for all villages where will be used withdrawal


Enabling withdrawal

  • On “Auto removal of troops” tab select the village and click “Modify”
  • Specify withdrawal settings (details below) and click “Ok”
  • Make sure that attacks detection enabled for this village


Withdrawal settings

withdrawal troops


Order troops before attack

  • Spend resources to order maximum troops
  • Time to attack, sec
  • Select troops type


Send resources settings

  • Send the maximum of resources – check to Bot send resources using merchants before attack
  • Time to attack, sec
  • Do not send crop?
  • Destination – select the village or specify coordinates where send resources


Withdrawal settings

  • Automatically withdraw troops
  • Time to attack, sec
  • Send to – reinforcement, attack normal, attack raid
  • Destination – specify coordinates where send troops
  • Cancel sending after attack – can works not correctly with 400+ troop movements in the rally point
  • Select troops types