Editions: Elite, Standard, Lite

Editions of the Travian Bot: Elite, Standard, Lite

We provide 3 editions of Travian Bot:

  • Travian Bot Lite – the most simple and inexpensive version of the Bot. It is recommended for users with multi-accounts.
    The Lite edition has all the functionalities of the standard edition, except farming, attack planning and trading with the NPC.

    Buy Travian Bot Lite.

  • Travian Bot Standard – this edition is recommended for most Travian players and supports all the basic functionalities.

    Download free demo or buy Travian Bot Standard.

  • Travian Bot Elite – for top players with the all the basic functionalities and the following additional features:
    • Sending raids though your goldclub-farmlists
    • Automatically adjusting the size of the farming-squad or the frequency of attacks for maximal efficiency by farming-/scout-reports
    • Do not attack a farm, if the resources in the last scouting report are less or the defense is higher then a set limit
    • Clearing a farm, if the defense in the last scouting report was between two given values

    Buy Travian Bot Elite.