Gold club lists farming

This farm mode is available only in Elite edition.

To select the lists to be sent, in the bot’s main menu click:
Farm -> Select gold club farm lists to sending


  • Check the “Send” column to the lists that the bot should send automatically
  • Set the desired interval in minutes for each of the marked sheets
  • For each of the selected lists, select from the drop-down list the village from which to send troops

Linked Lists
If you want 2 or more lists of targets to be sent in turn at a certain interval (for example, two lists of targets with the same farm-villages, but for different attacking villages)

Check “Linked” column to the lists that the bot should send in turn
Set the desired interval between sending linked lists

Turning on the farm
To enable gold club farm check the item in the bot’s main menu:
Farm -> Send selected gold club farm lists

Description of work

  • Raids will be sent for those lists that have passed the specified interval (for linked lists, if it has passed the interval from sending the last linked list)
  • Raids will not be sent for those feeders whose last attack report has a loss
  • No statistics are maintained in this mode
  • Reading reports in this mode does not bear any functional load, but it can be used if you do not like the accumulation of unread reports.

See also: search for feeders via map.sql and global farm settings.