Why Travian Bot license could not be a lifetime?

One of our customers approved Travian Bot demo, wondered why Travian Bot license not available for life, but only for a certain time.

I would like to explain our position and to show its validity.

We constantly need to analyze changes on Travian game code, to circumvent the sophisticated defense mechanisms Travian developers (what we are doing very well!), develop new features Travian Bot.
All of this requires a fairly significant investment.

Notes on prices.
$10 per year – 2.7 cents per day. I do not think 2.7 cents – a good reason for the rejection of all the benefits offered by Travian Bot.

I doubt that the users would like it more if one was released a static product that would be sold without support, but with a lifetime license … As such, Travian Bot would no longer work in the first months …

We guarantee the uninterrupted operation of Bot during the time of your license, the constant addition of new features and protection from Multihunters detection.

Enjoy the game 🙂

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