Travian Bot v2.4.0

  • New farm rating system
  • Ability to sort farm by any field
  • Calculation of distances and travel time to the farm
  • Customizable reaction to the loss
  • Customizable reaction to increase the rating above 70%
  • Ability to specify any farm as a priority target
  • Bot will not try to send a farm if the units in the village is not enough
  • Bot will not stop the farm if in the village one type of units was ended but remained another, and will send farm until the troops have at-least one farm squad
  • Now impossible situation when with a small number of troops in the village and small intervals bot farm only half of the list
  • If reading the report found the farm of 100%, the bot will try farm this village in the first place as soon as you have enough troops, even after restarting
  • Fixed mapping has already been removed farms in search results
  • Fixed an issue in which some reports remained unread
  • Fixed bug automatic withdrawal of troops
  • Accelerated farm operations

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