Travian Bot v2.6.1.1

  • Optimized data transfer algorithms
  • Fixed a bug forwarding resources in Travian 4th version
  • Fixed a bug in the construction of new buildings in Travian 4th version
  • Added improvement troops in the smithy
  • Fixed sending waves in the 4th version of Travian
  • Fixed a bug which bot does not run on some computers
  • Added ability to delete reports with losses below the limit
  • Fixed a bug in ordering troops
  • Fixed a bug with order holidays in the 4th version of the game
  • Fixed a bug that does not read some reports in the Travian 4
  • Now Bot able to fix bugs Travian Games when displaying pop-ups on the map in Internet Explorer
  • Improved caching of files
  • Fixed menu item “Center the map»
  • Fixed several minor bugs

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