Travian Bot

  • With a shortage of resources for the construction of the building, now a minimum party of one kind resource forwards is 500
  • Added the ability to specify negative number of troops in the job file. In this case will be sent the number of troops in the village, at the time of dispatch, minus the value entered
  • For Travian 4 added the ability to login into the game for slow connections (Option “Slow connection” on the “Profile”)
  • Fixed bug in search of attacks that occurred when some names from attacking villages
  • Added rounding of number of resources sent to hundreds
  • For Travian 4 versions added buttons Send troops/Send resources in the list of villages
  • In irreducible balance added a check mark for quick on/off balance in the village
  • Added setting visible tabs of bot
  • Added column hero experience in viewing detected attacks
  • Fixed a bug which increases the CPU load on some configurations
  • Optimized sending troops across the plan attacks tab
  • Added features NPC sharing resources
  • Correction of minor bugs

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