Travian Bot


Travian Bot

  • Added support for Travian version 4
  • Improved browsers emulation
  • Changed work with images, embedded graph package is replaced by a caching images system

Travian Bot v2.5.4.4

  • Added compatibility with the new design of the game
  • Fixed a bug that does not order troops worked on some servers
  • Fixed a bug that does not save the settings show the level of the buildings in the village center

Travian Bot v2.5.4.3

  • Icons “Send reinforcements” and “Send resources” is now in the form of direct links
  • Fixed a bug ordering holiday celebrations instead
  • Changed calculation merchants to better use

Travian Bot v2.5.2

  • Fixed a bug in sending spam
  • Added option “Repeat after …” in spam
  • Disabling the scripts when bot opens markets and barracks

Travian Bot v2.5.1

  • Critical Update: Multihunter protection then demolition of houses
  • Altered browser control algorithms
  • Added support for tabs
  • Added celebrations

Travian Bot v2.4.5

  • Added 1 hour pause in construction if the donor was not found enough resources
  • Added second shipment method, by entering coordinates in the market and a random selection method of sending
  • Added Logistics, now the bot sends resources first with neighbor donors, and then from distant

Travian Bot v2.4.4

  • Added highlighting reports from farm-list
  • Added graphics package and all the game graphics is loaded locally and not via the Internet
  • Fixed non-set pause if only included construction of buildings