Travian Bot – Command Center

We started developing a new version of Travian Bot, which will include the functions necessary for alliance coordinators and people managing a large number of accounts on one Travian server.


In the Command Center (CC) there will be an opportunity in real time to monitor the status of all managed accounts:

  • see the current amount of resources and storage capacity
  • see construction tasks
  • view current attacks
  • number of troops, etc.

Also, with permissions, it will be possible not only to view the status of accounts, but also to manage them.

Currently, the following functions are available in the CC version:

  • create an invitation to manage your bot with the selected access rights
  • take control of another bot by invitation
  • viewing resources in foreign villages if there is an invitation with the appropriate rights
  • viewing troops in foreign villages with an invitation with the appropriate rights
  • viewing and editing someone else’s attack plan with an invitation with the appropriate rights

Allow all users of license types to manage their account.
Only users of the Elite version can manage other people’s accounts.

In the near future, the number of available functions will increase.

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