Travian Bot

  • For version Elite on Travian 4 added the ability to choose lists of destinations Gold Club, which will be sent to the bot without adding them to the farm-list of bot
  • For version Elite T4 added the ability to delete all reports without loss without reading
  • Added support for the Greek servers
  • In the selection of the farm squad on the scouting results, is now taken up by cranny
  • The message on the email about attacks detected now contain detailed information about the attack and time attack
  • In the farm list added column “scouting”
  • Farm list can now sort by multiple columns
  • Fixed a bug where could sound the alarm several times on the same attack on the attached oasis
  • Fixed a bug due to which auto withdrawal of troops sometimes canceled
  • Searching attacks, if no one attack on the village, the village rally point does not scan
  • Added menu “Mark all as attacked/not attacked”
  • Added menu item “Enable/Disable IE message about too long script execution”
  • Added support for the new page enter the game on servers version Travian 4
  • For Elite added the ability to delete reports of attacks on the oases without opening them
  • Changed “farm-list” to “list of favorite targets” export algorithm
  • Fixed some minor bugs

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